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Risks and rewards of moving applications to the cloud – a white paper

We have recently come across an interesting discussion group called “Cloudusecases.org”. It has published two white papers titled “Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper” and “Moving to the Cloud – Risks and rewards of moving applications to the cloud“. Both papers are very interesting and informative. Especially the second one suggests the following very straight […]

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Cloud Computing – Amazon, Google & Co against HP, IBM & Co

How are the competitive relationships between hardware suppliers and service companies on the Internet impacted by the new utility computing paradigm.

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Cloud Computing and the Art of Sourcing

In the book “The Big Switch” Nicholas Carr makes a historical analysis to build the idea that the data centers/Internet is following the same developmental path as electric power did 100 years ago. At that time companies stopped generating their own power and plugged into the newly built electric grid that was fed with electric […]

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